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Poet lost among the rubble of Egyptian diaspora.  

August 19th
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August 19th
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i love these people so much. alhamdulillah for them. 
summer 2014 is almost officially over and frankly, i have no regrets. this has been a summer to remember, and i’m so glad i got to spend it with these amazing people. i’ll always look back on the moments i’ve had (basically triumphgirl and i flipping out about zodiac signs/baes. and nad-huaaah and i hating on each other since day one and me always being hella exposed to her LOL) and honestlyyyyy i’m gonna miss exactly who i am/was this summer and the good (and bad) times i’ve had but i’m just so glad these people have made their ways into my life alhamdulillah and i can’t wait to be back to hang out with them for christmas and forever basically. love you all so much :*

August 19th
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August 19th
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August 19th
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Woke up to the sweeeetest texts before my flight. I feel so loved and blessed right now alhamdulillah. I love my friends and I can’t wait to embark on this new journey and to share these stories with them.

August 19th
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HONY needs to get the fuck out of Syrian refugee camps in Jordan. They don’t need a white man using their plight to his advantage to tell their stories.

How can an Assadist bitch have the nerve to silence the stories of Syrian refugees when she supports the very dictator that made them refugees? Ya kelbeh, ma ilek karameh. Tfou 3leki w 3la ashkalak. Don’t you fucking dare speak on behalf of Syrians. 

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August 19th
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August 19th
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August 19th
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August 19th
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August 19th
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I have some really amazing friends honestly alhamdulillah :)

August 19th
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El Salvador portrait


El Salvador portrait

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August 19th
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Literally speechless


Literally speechless

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August 19th
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August 19th
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